dinsdag 13 september 2011

You got me spinnin', baby You know I'm in a trance (Knock on Wood, Amii Stewart)

Marie and her dad gathering lost wood

We have this large dressing in the new house ; lots of extra space to hang our clothes and shoes but one thing is a bit unfortunate. Some of the upper closets are build in at an height, even my tall hubby has a problem fetching something out of them. So we were thinking about a nice design step, just to make it easer (and avoid sleepy head morning accidents) to get to the top of those highest doors.
I've know Veronique from http://www.malvini.be/ through my shop ; being a graphic designer she often made birth announcements and customized pin buttons for kids. Her husband is a craftsman (with beard an all, perfect typecasting) and he makes the most beautiful furniture out of wood. I love their big chunky tables ; we also need one for our kitchen slash livingspace.
Maybe Malvini could help us out with a nicer version then an aluminum design step ; it still looks like it came out of a DIY shop, but with a more exclusive pricetag .. So I'd rather pay the same for a handcrafted item that looks timeless and chic.

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