zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

The dress is Chanel The shoes YSL The bag is Dior Agent Provocateur My address today, LA by the way Above Sunset Strip, the hills all the way (But I'm a good girl, Christina Aguilera)

wish list
Have I been a good girl this week ? Oh yesss !
I've found some great stuff for us, the house and me ..
I got me a new tote from DVF, a small LGD by Missoni (shown in silver lurex edition - I took the golden one as the sales assistant assured me the warmer tone was way more suitable for my type),
a latex (oh yeah) collar - custom made by Atsuko Kudo and to finish the week an Alessi cheese pavillion I've wanted for ever. Look at that little mouse on top ! It looks like the love child of Speedy Gonzalez & Jerry !

donderdag 13 oktober 2011

dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

J'ai deux amours, mon pays et Paris ... (Madeleine Peyroux)

J'ai deux amours
Mon pays et Paris
Par eux toujours
Mon coeur est ravi
Manhattan est belle
Mais à quoi bon le nier
Ce qui m'ensorcelle
C'est Paris, c'est Paris tout entier

Who could 've thought that only one year ago my new love would be my new home ... 
October 2010 Mr C and I spent some time off in Paris. We'd like to do this every year, except for 2011.
But I'm not sad ; I will see Paris again (in the springtime) ... my house is an even better exciting experience and next time we will visit the French capital I will be able to find that special thing for my house ; bring a little bit of Paris home ... happiness !