maandag 12 september 2011

I'll put all your clothes in a nice neat little pile (Diane, Therapy)

What I would wear ...

Fashion week is fully running and I love to check out all the labels (at least my favourite ones)  and what they have in store for us, upcoming season. I've picked the Diane von Furstenberg show cause Diane was born in Brussels, she's a strong and independent woman and she has an amazing label.
I really love her classics - the wrap dresses - but unfortunately, they are not for my figure. I do own 2 DVF dresses however. A bright red and white one, floaty floral design and a black one (LBD) with shimmering gold detail.
If I would choose something from this upcoming collection it would be the outfit on the left. The colours match amazingly. It's totally me. The cropped trousers, the brogues and skinny shirt. The little jacket would be perfect for my height (only 5'4"). As for the picture of Anna Wintour. She always get's it right. 

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  1. ik begin al op mijn duim te zuigen. Het wordt een blog om uw vingers af te likken! Leuke foto's, goede smaak ... inspiratie dus!