woensdag 21 september 2011

I never meant to hurt you! I never meant to make you cry; but tonight I'm cleanin out my closet (one more time) (Eminem)

Really like this color @Flamant

something like this ?

We've decided to go for another cupboard for our good china and silver spoons. If it was up to me,  we would use to 'good' china every day. But I'm am not alone and mr C already made me very happy to change the wooden monster into something more softtoned, less heavy (less visible). So I'm just shuttin' it and dance my happy-dance in silence.

Now I'd like to change it for something like the one seen in the picture above. This model may look heavier and larger but the color makes up for it.  In fact, I've seen this other similar model at Flamant (overrated and way too expensive but good for inspiration) wich I think is colorperfect. I asked the salesassistant if I could take a picture as she could not give me some info in print. Good for me and good for this blog (now I can show you exactly what I mean)


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