zondag 18 september 2011

How do you like your eggs in the morning I like mine with a kiss (How do you like your eggs in the morning, Dean Martin)

click for a closer look - we just ordered the custom made table, not the frills seen on it

We've bought a table yesterday. A big chunky table in French oak. Superheavy (I trust mr C on this one as he cleams he's pretty sure it can be delivered in one piece) We've opted for this wooden number cause it's warm, not too frilly and it's a primal basic piece of furniture everyone just needs in his home. It has to be firm to hold a lot of people, eating - laughing and working all in thought. Sizewise we took a 240cm length and 100 cm width so at least 8 people can easily enjoy each others company without touching elbows whilst eating.

Now, our choice in chairs is a  totally different story.
When I was in my twenties, my love for Arne Jacobsen began. I've loved the 7 series chairs back then and I still love the design today. Now 2 decades later my persona does not want to stress about furniture related issues anymore. I do have respect for my stuff but don't want to be a slave of it. I am not a fashion addict nor a desgin junkie. I want comfort (age related I guess) - lovely stuff and I want to live. I have had anough drama these past 5 years stressin' about a tabel I don't even like (in fact I hate it so much the thought of cherrypinewood makes me sick to the stomach)
The 7 series chair is always made out of layers of veneer wood and if someone would sit on it with a jean, the possibility occurs little holes will be pressed into it. So I guess I have to direct my love to another chair from the Vitra range.
Strong and made out of synthetic material. A chair than can not be wacked when I like to toss it around the house. They sit so comfortably,  it wants people to be seated at your table for ever (without feeling discomfort because of a bad chair)

The Egg chair by Jacobsen is my other chair porn item.
Too expensive to buy just like that but worth every penny in the end. A girl needs to have something on her wishlist. (my list consists of design - art or furniture) The Egg is utter beauty. It's soft and comforts you like a little unborn bird enjoys the warmth of it's eggshell. We did not order it (yet) - one day  maybe.
That's what wishlists are for ; to keep dreams alive.

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