maandag 22 augustus 2011

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it (Pointer Sisters)

on the left you can see one of many colors I used for the collars. Henny presented it in yet another fabulous way ! Look at those sweets hidden under each bowl !
Tomorrow holiday is officially over for me (though I nver stopped working in my head) and to get things started, Yanni my seamstress, is bringing the first prototype dress over to my shop ! jihaa !
Can't wait to see it for real in the fabric I found for this dress, the small details we decided to adjust and all I need to do now is find superspecial buttons to finish it to it's last detail.
Already thinking about how we are going to show it, I need to contact Ake, the new photographer I want to work with for this season. Maybe she knows a girl who could model it. Could be her own daughter, or maybe someone we know from our mutual workshop classes. It needs to be a 3 to 4 year old girl, depending on how the dresssize will fit. Can't tell until tomorrow.


Henny has also done a great job already in displaying these collars I made for Fall.
She uses her own 'vitrines' to show off new stuff she finds or things I make for her and her
styling jobs for magazines.
Too beautiful she said about the first collars I brought her along and when I was abroad she secretly sold 1 to an admiring fan of her vitrines.
She's the best !

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