zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

Een eigen huis, een plek onder de zon (Rene Froger)

Coming from a totally different kind of blog, I know need to find my way again in how to create this new blog and make it as close to me as possible. Faces and places was mainly about shops, fashion and good wine & dine spots in my hometown, an inside guide to all hidden places you would not find as a tourist in Antwerp. In 17 days time, I will receive the key to our first house bought together ( I see it as the best wedding anniversary present for my 5 year 'marriage' to Mr. C)
Finally I will have something real to talk/blog about, something I have done for more than 10 years before starting my own kiddies shop. I guess decorating must still be my first love and it always will be. I've never stopped buying interior magazines, going to interior fairs such as Interieur Kortrijk : my close friendship with stylist Henny Waalwijk has given me an opportunity to share the love for interior, to talk about those little things and details only a partner in crime would understand. Henny will be a regular guest here on the blog as you will discover in the future. We are currently working on a Christmas lay out for a magazine (very strange when you have a tan and lived in your shorts and bikini tops for some weeks) but when we saw eachother yesterday to talk things through, you just felt the energy flowing ! So much fun to talk about colour, fabrics and settings.


I am working on props as we speak in our Summer house in Knokke-Heist. This is a perfect setting to empty your head just like the sand that's sliding through an hour glass.
The colors I am working with are still bright but in a more 'frosted' way.
My next post will be showing you more details in picture, so stay tuned for that !

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