zondag 1 juli 2012

Dat moeten vrouwen weten, mannen houden veel van eten Ja, de liefde van de man gaat door de maag (Ria Valk)

I've wanted to make pasta myself for the last decade. Somehow, I never really got into it. Being someone who only likes to do stuff when the material is right. That's already half the job done for me.
Since Mr C. got me my Kitchen Aid device, I discovered there a so many things more this machine can do. Got myself the pasta-making part for our KA recently as our local Cookery shop did some promotion on loads of their things.

Making fresh homemade pasta is as simple as 1 + 1 makes 2.
All you need is wheat flour and eggs and a pinch of salt.
The (semolina) flour needs to be type 00.

I've tried out making several doughs but the best amount is to work with 300g flour, 3 eggs and salt.
You have to knead the ingredients for 10/15 minutes (when it looks elastic, it's ok) and then leave it to rest for another 10 minutes underneath a humid cloth (preferably in a bowl).

After 10 minutes of rest you can spread the dough out with a rolling pin or  pasta machine until you obtain a sheet of pastry with a desired thickness.

I rolled little balls, the size of walnuts and threw them 1 by 1 in my pastry container to finally see rigatoni shaped pasta coming out of the machine.
I left them to dry on a teacloth and that same evening boiled them in salted water for 7 minutes max.
The all dente rigatonis had full flavor ; a thick floury taste but without the disadvantage of that 'heavy on the stomach' feeling.
It's ever so true what the Italians say about food ; it's all about love !

the machine doing it's work 

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