maandag 21 mei 2012

There's a brand new talk But it's not very clear That people from good homes Are talking this year (Fashion, David Bowie)

clockwise : shoes (Marcoz) - jacket and t shirt (Zadig & Voltaire) - clutch (Sportstaff) - nailpolish (Coco Blue de Chanel)

I really like the actual fashion colors this season. I'm slowly escaping from my safety zone called 'black'.
The nudes, orange and pink shades are my favorites. Touch them up with some bling and you got yourself a 'night out on the town' outfit too. 
I also pimped my nails last week and got so much response to it I will give you my easy peasy little secret  'how to - tutorial' :

take any lightcolored nail polish 
let dry until 'really' dry !
cut out tiny squares of any newspaper (if you manage to find a Japanse newspaper, would create an even more awesome effect !)
soak each tiny square in room temp water and drain on the side of your bowl
put the paper on your nail ; press firmly for 30 seconds 
remove paper carefully
cover each nail with a topcoat base so the 'paper print' doesn't fade

1 opmerking:

  1. I like the bright color trend for warm weather. It seems to fit, like a puzzle piece.
    That's a cool nail trick.