maandag 6 februari 2012

"You'll just love my embraces 'cause they'll fit like a glove We'll be off to the races maybe..." Kiss me baby, let's make love (Marilyn Monroe)

metropolitan luxury

We are brainstorming our bedroom these days. Totally unexpected, hubby wants to make the most of this room and start 'yesterday'. We saw a beautiful purple silk carpet in a window display the other day and this was the trigger for the style and boudoir theme we have in mind.
Frank - our painter - starts with the entire first floor in 2 weeks time. Main color will be 'aubergine' combined with a saffron tone for our dressing. Our little wellness corner will be pitch black (well almost, it needs to be dark to give that relaxing atmosphere to it : we probably will repeat the aubergine again in that room.
So, today we went to Metropolitan Luxury, a brand by Eric Kuster. They specialize in hotels and suites and this is exactly what hubby had in mind for our bedroom floor.
When Frank's work is done, Pieter E. will come to our house with his samples of fabric for our new bed, cushions, sheets and towels. I'm quite excited that pretty soon I will have a room fit for a queen !

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  1. Very nice. You deserve it, you've been working very hard. Hope the finished result looks just like the photo.
    I love my bedroom, even though it's like a throw-back to the late 60's. It's my basement that needs fixing, it still floods. (don't judge)