zondag 8 januari 2012

Count me in from one to two - But nothing more or less will do (Sugar Me, Lynsey de Paul)

Happy New Year !
Here's some little easy recipe to enjoy a Sunday like this with your kids !

What you need :
4 egg whites
100g finest white sugar
80g powder (icing) sugar
lots of tlc

Mix the egg whites and the sugar all together until you see stiff peaks. You can do this either by hand (good to beat those chicken wings under your arms or u can use a device such as a KitchenAid)
When ready, fold the icing sugar through the egg withes using a spatula. For best results you add the (sifted) icing sugar one spoon at a time.
For a more colourful effect, you can use edible pigments (drops) to make the meringues more funky (this is the part kids will love most).
Now you put the egg whites in disposable pastry bags and inject the meringues onto baking paper on your tray. You can either cut of the tip of your bag or use a decorating ring (in the bag) to make your most beautiful meringues, ready to bake (off).
Sprinkle some edible candy on top for extra bling !
Make them as you would be prop-maker for a new Marie-Antoinette movie !

Put the tray in your preheated oven (80°C) and leave them for at least 1 hour. If they feel dry enough to you take them out and leave them to cool off.

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  1. omg, that sounds so easy, who knew? Those look absolutely beautiful Domi!
    btw, that photo of you, can't remember if I saw it on your blog or facebook, with the cup in your hand, face partially obscured by your hair: Gorgeous.

  2. It was the picture with the Brunettes do it Better mug, right ? Love that mug :-)