zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

Gun, gun, son of a gun You are the only one and no one else will take my place. (Eugene, Vaselines)

Leopold de Waelstraat, Antwerpen

What's typical for Antwerp(en) is that you need to look up sometimes. The best façades are always the ones that hold the small details, looked upon when you look a bit further (or need I say higher) than just the front door.
I love the older houses, their history and sometimes I would like to change my double glass, warm modern shop for a more autenthic building. They have way more charm and character. Last Sunday when I was strollin' to a vintage market near our appartment, I noticed this amazing house. Unfortunately, the little bistro was empty. Just a sign of a lost dream of someone's business ; but even empty the window and interior spilled so much more style and that oldskool 'je ne sais quoi' ...
Is there a façade or house in your city that makes your fantasy run wild ?
Let us know and see this post as a 'tag'  to your blog.

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