woensdag 7 september 2011

Un autre endroit, une autre vie Eh oui, c'est une autre histoire (La Folie, The Stranglers)

Beth Katleman and her Folly scene
Folly was based on the Toile de Jouy wallpapers and fabrics. Beth Katleman has worked for many years on this 5m long panel of art, wich was shown (first) at Design Miami. Beth will produce a total of 12 pieces ; the first panel has been sold already ! Wouldn't we like to have the budget to purchase one ourselves ??

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  1. hoi dominica, erg om te lezen dat je moeder ook gestorven is aan kanker maar wel erg lief dat je mij even een berichtje achter liet. Bedankt daarvoor. Heel erg lieve knuffel! x