dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Twee meisjes op het strand, ze lezen modebladen (Raymond van het Groenewoud)

As  I mentioned before, I make props voor stylists.

So good to hear people really appreciate your work and remember it ! That must be the biggest compliment of all ! Talked to a woman in the street yesterday who is a big fan of stylist Henny's windowdisplays (or vitrines as we like to call it).
So good to see people really enjoy and change their walk home just to see what's next in the vitrines.
This is something I'd like to do too once I move into my own new house. Make heads turn and start a conversation between people in the street, passing by my house.

the rabbit was made for an Easter special in Actief Wonen magazine

the apron appears in a cookbook. it was specially made in black & white  so it matched the b/w cupcake

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love looking at window displays too.
    That little bunny is adorable.

  2. Henny has the most adorable settings in her displays ... little treasures !